Monday, January 2, 2012

December 31 On Word (2012's Word)

December 31 Earlier this month, we wrote about our one word to describe 2011. Today, let's write about our one word for 2012. What word do you want to use to describe how you will approach 2012?

Excellence- the fact or state of excelling

My personality does not naturally lend itself to being a perfectionist. It really just likes order and symmetry. To set the word of excellence as the word to dwell on this 2012 is to stretch me to be better and to pay closer attention to the details of things.

I admire a home that I walk into  that is completely put in order. That all the window tracks and wood casings are clean, that everything has a place and is in it's place. I am attempting better order in my home. I spent all last year attempting to thin things out and to have a labeled place for everything. So many things I have are unnecessary. I so like a stark environment, it makes me feel restful and at peace. But I am doomed to have too many things because I always think what if we need it for this or that. Furniture seems to be in abundance but, I may need places for people to sit when we have company. So I am striving for excellence in order.

In my business it is so easy to just stuff papers into a file, and try and remember all the tiny details of the things that need to happen in a transaction. It is so important to not overlook any of the minor details. I have made check lists trying to make sure I do not forget anything. So I need to strive for excellence in the details, and not put it off the details.

I think of the mundane things like washing the dishes, cleaning the counters, getting ready in the morning and getting ready at night. I slop through all of those wonderful events of my day. I do it just to get by, just to get through it. But for this year, (and after 21 days it will be a routine), I will pursue excellence in everything I do.

December 30 Future Self

December 30  write a letter to yourself to read on 12/30/12. Write about what you have accomplished. Write about who you are and who you have become. Write a wishlist.

Dear Beth,
Hope you have been well and doing all the things that you enjoy. I really hope that you have found a hobby that  you find fascinating and that involves both Edik and Brian.

I bet you are still loving being a grandmother. You certainly delighted in that the last time we talked. I remember all you could talk about was the last time you saw Malachi and Eli. You were so excited to know if your next grand baby was a boy or a girl. So what was it? Have you got to spend more time with your favorite little men?

I really have enjoyed watching you as you have been making your transition from women to middle age women. It has not been quite as horrible as so many of your friends have made it out to be has it? You are doing it with grace and keeping in style. You were lucky you found the light therapy and acid peals, I think that has really helped you.

How has your retirement went? Are you doing the travel and the ministry that you talked about doing last year? It was so cool that you were able to get back into doing the AWANA program again. I bet that has opened a lot of doors for ministry for you.

I remember when you helped the family that had been robbed, did they ever start coming to church, and AWANA, I wonder if any of them accepted the Lord. Please let me now if you have been able to help any other people.

I was wondering if you were able to make any friends, I know you were very lonely for the last few years. I am sure you have been having fun with your friends Doug and Carol you were telling me about. What was the last trip you went on with Bruce,Lori, Steve and Tracey?

Well take it easy on yourself, you are an amazing women. I love the way you share the Lord with people and how you are always looking for ways to help people. Keep your eyes on the Lord and He will make your path straight, I know you are a delight in your Fathers eyes, and I love you very much!

Love Beth

December 29 Let Go

December 29

What did you let go of in 2011? What was the experience like? How is your life different today? Do you ever regret it?

I let go of Malachi's hand for a moment and it broke my heart, but a simple smile and another hug fixed me right up again.

I let go of hoping for change in Edik and it came in waves, and it has made life more simple, and pleasant.

I let go of being a super busy Realtor, and basked in and enjoyed the freedom it brought. I am holding on tight to the future of retirement. June 6 will be 10 years of Sales, for this none salesman. 

I let go of my obsessive compulsive behavior towards exercise and food. It has brought me 10 additional pounds around my rib cage and to be honest I am not at all pleased with it. I am going to have to let go of my relaxed efforts and grab onto my compulsion again.

The only time I regret letting go of anything is when it results in a loss that breaks my heart.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 28 Five Memories

Prompt 28:

Five Things

Take today to jot down five memories that you would like to never forget about 2011. 

1. February 4th the birth of my grandson Eli. A traumatic, pre-mature birth wrapped with an ambulance ride to St. Vincents. But the day I held him was so wonderful. I had never held any body that small before, he was so fragile and tiny, peering up at me with Peters eyes. I fell in love instantly.

2. Celebrating Malachi's birthday in April. A one year old, so adorable and lovely! 

3. Getting Andy graduated from College, a collective sigh, no more college tuition payments, I say selfishly. But the thrill of him getting a degree in something that he loves and is excited about does my heart good.

4. Being sick, sick, sick and having to delay our trip to Alaska for one stinking day. But the trip to Alaska was spectacular. Being there, with the family and friends and Ambo's wedding! Great fun.

5. Since its the last one I will lump sever things into one number. The exciting news that we are going to have yet another grand baby. Our trip to Sacramento, Ca. to be with our friends and just enjoy being us and being together. 

I celebrate the little things and like to remember them too. I remember every time the family gets together, weather it is building a fence, celebrating a birthday, or playing in the inflatable pool or just sitting and visiting. I remember the holidays, Christmas, New Year and 4th of July at Grama Keysers house. I remember all the little trips we take trying to be apart of our families lives. Life is memorable and good.